Makerspaces Research

Learning Technology Briefing 3: Makerspaces

For this Learning Technology Briefing, you will explore the emerging ed-tech trend of “Makerspaces.” Makerspaces are often touted by its advocates as an effective way to spark learners’ interests in STEM-related disciplines because of the way in which they promote active learning. Some of the popular technologies associated with Makerspaces include Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Little Bits and 3D Printers. Similarly, various publications have begun to publish articles that share experiences of educators who have experimented with Makerspaces and/or opinion-pieces that articulate specific takes on this phenomenon (e.g., Educause, Edsurge, Edutopia, Digital Media & Learning (, etc.

As a means of investigating the phenomenon of Makerspaces, you will research a variety of sources and then develop a short, web-based presentation on your findings. More specifically, see the steps outlined below.

  1. Find a minimum of 2 articles on Makerspaces
  2. Find a video that discusses Makerspaces
  3. Find a podcast that discusses Makerspaces
  4. Create a short presentation using a WordPress slider plugin and embed on your WordPress blog

To develop content for your presentation:

  • What did you already know about Makerspaces?
  • What are one or two particularly compelling examples of Makerspaces?
  • What made them compelling for you?
  • Do think Makerspaces will continue or be a short-lived trend?