Group Facilitated Discussions

Group-Facilitated Discussions


As a way to build on what our discussions about Mary Chayko’s book and also to give you more of a voice in the direction of our discussions, you will facilitate a class discussion in collaboration with your group members. See below for the specific details.

Find articles

As a group find and decide on two readings for the class to read and discuss. Post the links to your selected articles in your assigned discussion forum (e.g., GFD-Group 1). Important Note: To find your articles, consult the list of sources under the “Tech News & Culture” section in our Blackboard site (i.e., Blackboard>Web Links>Tech News & Culture). If you would like to use a source not on that list, send me an email.

Create slides and questions

Present a brief background of the topic covered by your selected readings by creating a slide deck (e.g., Google Slides, PPT). The content of your slides should contain responses to the items listed below. (The total number of slides should be somewhere in the range of 5-10.).

  • What is the main issue or topic your group is focusing on?
  • What was this topic or area of interest to your group members?
  • Which section and/or chapter in Chayko does this most closely relate? Why?
  • What are 3-5 key takeaways that your group learned as a result of researching this area or topic?
  • Find a visual that best captures or summarizes your area or topic of interest and import it into a slide. Hint: Creative Commons is a good place to find royalty-free images

Facilitate discussion

Facilitate class discussion by developing a minimum of five open-ended questions. Post your five, open-ended questions in the corresponding discussion forum in Blackboard. Each group member should participate in the online discussion by commenting on or replying to those students not in your group who are responding to your group’s open-ended questions. Each person not in the facilitating group should respond to at least 3 of the questions.